How do I grow my Instagram account?  The question I get asked all the time.

I wish had the perfect answer, but Instagram, owned by Facebook has done a brilliant job at mixing up the algorithm, making it very difficult to gain traction.

Nonetheless, do not lose hope.  There are still ways of growing your audience.


Here are some free tips to assist you:

+ doing continuous shout-for-shouts with similar sized accounts in your niche

+ utilizing all 30 hashtags (stick to tags in the range of 50k – 350k posts)

+ using apps like Over to create strong visual content

+ consistent posting (at least 6x/day at the same time), etc.

+ branding is essential so ensure you have a great logo, watermarked into your images


Taking it up a notch, I would encourage you to purchase an amazing ebook that I know works, because I’ve used many of the tactics to grow one of my accounts from 0 to 50k in 3 months.

17 Secrets to Instagram Success – $17

*This ebook is a must if you want to learn the secrets of how S2S grew from 0 to 1.5 million followers over the past 3 years.


Another great step is to join groups like Executive Mafia who have over 50+ accounts working collectively to grow – plans start as low as $19/month or $79/6 months

*We joined Executive Mafia 2 months ago and have grown at least 1500 new followers as a result.  It will require at least 30 minutes per day of your time to manage all the activity, but its well worth it.


Even we have had to pay for advertising from bigger accounts… it’s just what you have to do if you truly want to springboard your growth.

Here is our Advertising Options:

#1 – $15 for 1 photo/video shout, caption and bio link for 12 hours on Millionaire.empire (65k followers)

#2 – $50 for 5 shouts; photo/video shout, caption and bio link for 12 hours on Millionaire.empire (65k followers); these will be spread out across 1 week at various times

#3 –  $100 for 1 photo/video shout, caption and bio link for 4 hours across 9 of our partner accounts that reach over 1.2 million followers (1 account has 126k followers, another has 307k followers, etc.); this will go out on the same day at various times

#4 – We can broker deals withs accounts that have 250k, 500k, 1M, 1.5M followers (@secrets2success) to get you the best shout rates.  Note, that advertising with a 1M+ follower account is >$500.

#5 – We have partnered with accounts that guarantee you X # of followers for a fixed rate.  For example, $300 for 3k followers.

Contact for advertising:

KIK: millionaire.empire

Telegram: geoffkoboldt

DM @geoffkoboldt

Wishing you the best on your IG… and be sure to see my other blogs/articles about Instagram.