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I am fortunate to work for Geoff, a manager who is focused not only on growing the company’s bottom line, but also on his employees’ professional growth. Geoff understands that leadership is more than just delegating tasks. He takes a genuine interest in what drives you both personally and professionally and gives you the tools necessary to make you more successful. I consider myself very lucky to work for a manager like Geoff.

Tim Henning

Architectural Technical Sales Manager, Acuity Brands

Geoff Koboldt is one of the most upbeat and energetic people and manager you can possibly have. He is always spinning problems as opportunities and providing you with a chance to improve on yourself and career. He provides clear instructions of what he expects and tools for you to achieve your goals. He is available and open to communicate and hear and share ideas. He is a pleasure to work with and for. He has this stunning and insatiable habit for learning and practicing what he learns and generously sharing it.

Claribel Solis

Architectural Technical Sales Manager, Acuity Brands

Geoff knows how to take an already fast-growing company and give it the edge it needs to stay on that path, sustainably: communication. When Geoff reached out to me to talk about my speaking at Acuity Brands’ annual internal ATS conference, he mentioned that he’d already reviewed my content, recommendations, and references from our common connections. The man does his homework. Nothing but the best for his team! During our pre-work sessions, Geoff gave me a great understanding of Acuity’s organizational matrix, along with some common challenges and illustrative examples. This prepared me to go in as a speaker and jump right in as though I’d been a secret remote member of the team the whole time. In the room with his team, I watched everyone interact with Geoff. Man, they love him. They respect him so much- and not just for his efficiency, sharp business sense, deep industry knowledge. They respect how he relates to them. How he acknowledges every side to a conflict and unravels tangled communication with skill. How he solves confusion with processes. How he advocates for them. How he cares. He cares. He cares. Geoff serves his team with heart. They laugh with him, and they cheer him on when he opens up first to break the ice. When I ask for examples of frustration from a group, it can be really hard to step up and talk about something that might show you or someone else in a negative light. Geoff led by example, sharing something he felt was an opportunity for improvement. Everyone else relaxed. They shared more. We got more accomplished. Geoff is also one of the first people I’d work with if building a dream organization, because I could literally put him anywhere and trust that he’d make people, processes, and products, successful. He gets the internal markers of success AND he understands branding and marketing outwards. He gets management and he gets sales. He gets production and he gets staffing. He gets people, most of all. Geoff understands his people. And he knows what they need to grow. He could have brought in any kind of speaker. But he evaluated the already-well-performing team of leaders and the service model they were already providing. This is a killer team. So the only thing to do when people already are performing well under his leadership, they’re already doing things well and saying things well, would be to help them to just Say Things Better. It takes a creative leader to see that. Geoff has the vision, the resources, and the respect from his team, his peers, and his senior leadership, to make it happen. I also appreciated how welcome he made me feel into the company space, at social events, and by secretly having the whole team sign the inside of a book for me that they gifted me at the end of the day. It was beyond thoughtful. But it was such a “Geoff Thing to Do.” I would welcome any chance to work with him again. Anytime.

Lila Smith

Owner/CEO, Say Things Better

Geoff as a professor was very challenging, knowledgeable, and fair. But his passion, commitment, and sincerity was why I was so engaged when he taught. Geoff inspired me to be better at life with very tangible techniques and measurable goals. Geoff, hurry up and get that book done, it will be a bestseller!

Ernest C. Jones III

Geoff is one of the strongest operations leaders I have had the pleasure of working with. He was brand new to our industry when he joined Rose Tarlow Melrose House. He developed an understanding of the business very quickly. He listened and absorbed; never jumping in with suggestions or plans until he had a full understanding of the situation. He was meticulous at putting in place systems and metrics, and also developed a high level of accountability and ownership with his team. He was an amazing leader. He stepped into a very difficult situation with legacy employees who didn’t want to change and basically no systems in place. He lead by example; pulling the team along first, and pushing only when he had too. He then created his own systems using any resources he could pull together. And the results spoke for themselves. We saw massive improvements in on-time %, first time quality and customer satisfaction. I recommend Geoff highly. Any organization will be lucky to have him leading their team.

Jobi Blachy

CEO, Rose Tarlow Melrose House

Geoff is a strong lean operations leader with a focus on continuous improvement. I have seen his key skills revolve around optimizing process and documentation. He also has experience with management performance evaluation systems and is adept at implementing the framework. Geoff would be a valuable member of teams looking for these key skills.

Darci Macnab

CFO, Rose Tarlow Melrose House

I had great success working with Geoff at Rose Tarlow Melrose House. Geoff’s fostering innovation helped me develop better, faster ways to do things. He takes the lead in setting new business directions, procedures and policies. Under his management, he helps me develop a clear understanding of what I will need to do differently as s result of changes in the organization. I admire his confidence to allow me the freedom to decide how I will accomplish our goals and resolve issues. I highly recommended Geoff for his leadership and his ability to empower employees.

Theresa Distor

Production Manager, Rose Tarlow Melrose House

You don’t ever forget leaders like Geoff Koboldt. Geoff is the poster child of delivering value and quality to customers. His ability to inspire others to get down to the roots of problems and fix them is exceptional and beyond expectations. His unique management performance system identifies where each employee’s strengths and weaknesses are so every employee knows exactly where to focus their energy as he quickly guides them from goodness to greatness. There is no doubt that he cares for each employee as if they were his own family. His level of emotional intelligence (EQ) is unmatched and when combined with his business intellect, it’s a knockout combination. I highly recommend Geoff to the nth degree.

Glenda De Paz

Customer Experience, Rose Tarlow Melrose House

Geoff is an amazing asset to our corporation, he is also a great friend. I could NOT hope for a better business partner and co-owner in our company. His work ethic is second to none, his creativity is inspiring and his attention to detail impeccable. I highly recommend Geoff! P.S. Don’t let him catch you slacking.
Wyatt Gregson

CEO, BambooBuddy

Geoff is a very astute individual with the company in mind. He is a very motivated individual who is capable of not only promoting direction in leadership but also ready to dive into any role when needed to assist. I recommend Geoff not only because of his strong work ethic but his attention to his peers.
Eric Koboldt

Product Manager, Jasco Products

Geoff constantly challenged his employees to produce their best work. As an innovative and inspirational leader, he motivated me to turn in only the highest quality work. Another great skill I learned from Geoff is time management. Geoff excels in this area and he would drive my efficiency week to week so that I would manage my time more effectively. Ultimately, his dedication to the success of the company and his employees are second to none.
Gavin Bechtold

Business Development, Ezoic

As an accounting assistant at Bamboo Skateboards, I gained many meaningful insights into both the accounting profession and the business world thanks to the strong leadership of President Geoff Koboldt. As an international graduate-degree intern from China, I learned to organize my work properly, multi-task and manage my time efficiently, which enabled me to adapt to the American working environment quickly. This greatly prepared me for a smooth transition into an accounting career at Deloitte. I am confident Bamboo Skateboards has a promising future under the guidance of such a talented and hard working leader such as Geoff.
Xioang Michelle Liu

Associate Auditor, Deloitte & Touche

I worked with Geoffrey Koboldt at Milgard Windows & Doors on many projects around operations and inventory controls. He is able to understand how his teams affect customer service and the bottom line to the company and how to manage those teams to provide a very high level of both.  Geoffrey was able to grasp complex concepts very quickly and was always bringing new ideas and out of box thinking to the table. Continuous process improvement efforts were very evident throughout his facility in multiple departments and he was setting standards for other’s to emulate. Much of his success was his ability to bring cross functional teams together, identify roles, responsibilities and set clear goals.
Michael Van Horn

Director of Supply Chain, Milgard

Geoffrey is a customer focused operations manager. He is skilled at logistic planning and inventory management.
Robert Beeson

Production Manager, Milgard

Geoff Koboldt is one of the most energetic people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has great ideas and is dedicated to his work. His desire to seek improvement in anything he does is inspirational and made me strive to be better in anything I do.
Christian Perez

Purchasing Buyer, Milgard

Geoff is an extremely talented leader who drove continuous improvement in all areas of the business through innovation, creativity, planning and execution. He was able to resolve complex problems and implement solutions through collaboration and superior leadership. Geoff was highly regarded by the workforce as well as upper management. His presentation skills are unmatched. I was extremely fortunate to have Geoff on my Leadership Team at the GM/SPO ACDelco Warehouse in Fontana, CA.
Barry Draper

General Manager, GM

I enjoyed working with Geoff.  He is strategic and knows how to connect with all levels within an organization. He is very efficient and proactive in reaching his goals and he thinks outside the box when problem solving.  Geoff, led many quality improvements and Kaizen projects with successful results.
Denis Markus

Production Manager, GM

Geoff was a pleasure to work with. I was amazed at his ingenuity at handling complex situations with the Union. He came up with win win solutions and earned the respect of both parties in several situations. I whole-heartedly recommend Geoff.
Azza Carmona


I met Geoff at the beginning of my career at General Motors. During that time I was able to capture a glimpse of what Geoff’s capabilities were and over the last 9 years I have witnessed his evolution and advancement in business. Geoff embodies and is a true “think outside of the box” professional. He is creative, resourceful, and resilient. It has been a pleasure to know him for all of these years as I hold a great deal of respect for him as a person, and as a professional.
Zaneta Brommer

Production Manager, GM