Do any of these apply to you?

X Wasting your time in the black hole of resume death wondering why nobody is calling you in for an interview.  My Solution: Creating an applicant tracking software (ATS) compliant resume. 

X Wasting your money on buying resume writing books and trying to piece one together or worse paying a low-end resume writer and not getting any interviews.  My solution: Building a resume that sells you in that 6-10 second window.     

X Not getting an offer after multiple interviews.  My solution:  I will teach you how to master the psychology of interviewing.  

X Not knowing how to transfer your current skills and expertise to a new industry or new role.  Fresh college graduate and you don’t have much experience yet.  Simply just don’t know where to begin with the requirements of the modern resume.  Solution: Hire me!



Acquiring my first major corporate job after graduating college at General Motors was quite easy.  1600 candidates to start, 6 weeks of ongoing interviewing and psychological tests to narrow the group down, 3 hours of final interviews in Detroit at GM’s headquarters… and finally made the final cut of 6 hires.  The problem was that I took a job in California but getting paid Midwest wages ($49k starting base salary). Talk about leaving $ on the table… and who knew California was so expensive to live in?  

Next, I failed 2 major interviews to get promoted within GM, one of them at my own plant.  Despite having earned an MBA, I thought I was well positioned for those promotions, but I quickly learned that politics plays a major role in corporate America, and frankly I just wasn’t prepared for those interviews.  I didn’t know how to ‘sell’ my value, despite having championed numerous lean projects saving GM $millions and helping to put our plant in the top five of 28 plants in N. America.

After leaving GM, I took a role with Milgard Manufacturing, where I was happy to increase my base salary over what I was making at GM, but I failed to negotiate a significantly higher salary.  I just didn’t know the art of negotiation yet and unfortunately, that mistake cost me around $25k/year of lost income.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I was at a major life’s crossroads. I had exited from a company that I helped build for 6 years.  The challenge was how to sell oneself after having been an entrepreneur to now transitioning back to corporate America. 

I bought a 400-page resume book and a 50-page executive resume book and started to pull various pieces from both of them to create my own resume.  It wasn’t but a week later and I sent the resume off to be reviewed only to have them write back and say, “Where’s the WOW factor?” 

My ego was shattered, but I quickly pulled it together.  I started my quest to find out who the top resume writers were that helped write some of those resumes in the executive resume book.

I sent emails, made phone calls, etc. with prices ranging from $800-$3200 for them to write a resume and tweak my Linkedin profile.  Even $800 was outrageous to me, but I made the decision that there’s a reason they are experts, so hire them.  Time is money and I was losing more than $800 every few days by not being gainfully employed.

I settled on a guy named Don who was a graduate of Stanford and also had an MBA from Wharton.  He said, “Geoff, I’m half of what these other people are charging but I’m just as good.” I loved his old fashioned value of calling me and asking what my dream job would look like.

We started off with a 5-page questionnaire, which over the next 3 weeks, I turned into 26 pages of notes; dissecting every single thing about my career.  The type of work environments I thrived in.  The type of people I liked to work around.  The type of work I would love to be doing.  How to position what my MBA had done for me.  How to ‘sell’ my value based on my unique career story.  ETC.

It was then that I truly realized the power of knowing who I was, and what I was capable of.  I was super confident.  No more ego!  I had at least 10 companies a day reaching out to me.  It was magical and exactly how the job market should work.

That $800 investment eventually led me to my next role where I increased my salary by >$50k. 

It was that foundation that allowed me to continuously raise my income level, perks package, additional vacation time, etc.  Once you know your value and know the formula, it gets much easier to navigate the job market.

And you know what?  That one woman who charged $3200 to write resumes, I ended up hiring to teach me about personal branding.

As I’ve grown in my career, I’ve interviewed over 1000 candidates for various leadership positions, which has gave me a wonderful perspective and great insights that I use to help others today.

Looking back, I only wish I had learned all of this early on in my career.  I easily lost out on what I estimate to be around $500k of lost income due to simply not educating myself.  Rookie mistake, right?

I truly hope you aren’t making a similar mistake by sitting on the fence about hiring a professional resume writer.  It is highly probable that if you are out of a job right now, you are losing minimally $1k/week.  Or, if you have a job but aren’t raising your value with negotiation that you are also losing $500/week.  

Know your value.  Increase your value.  Invest in yourself.  

Resume writing process:

  1. Understanding: It is imperative that I understand you, the individual, so I can best represent you in your resume and LinkedIn profile. 
  2. Drilling: By using my career worksheet, we will narrow our focus and drill down to matching your job experience results with exactly the requirements of the jobs you are applying for.  This is an iterative process, and I will challenge you until we’ve got at least 20 strong bullet points to put on the resume; 3-5 of which will go in your career highlights section. 
  3. Capitalizing: I focus on your 3 core expertise and ensure that it crystal clear and communicated thoroughly throughout the resume.  If a hiring manager has to ‘fish’ for what you are good at, they will give up after 10 seconds!
  4. Articulating: The key component of a modern resume is having a value proposition at the top of the page that pulls the reader in immediately and begs them wanting to know more about you.  My 1-2-3 combo of expertise + value proposition + career highlights is the hook that works every time!
  5. Polishing: I will make the resume shine bright like a diamond.  You have to have the WOW factor to stand out in today’s highly-competitive business market. Set up 15 minutes for FREE and I’ll demonstrate how I create resumes that have the WOW factor. 

Recent clients

Senior Data Scientist, PhD, 10+ years experience

Senior VP Digital Solutions, MBA, 12 years experience

International Business Development Manager, 20 years experience

Flagship Store Manager, MBA, 16 years experience

Business Owner / Environmental Director, 18 years experience

Director of Learning & Development, 19 years experience 

Financial Analyst, Master’s degree, 7 years experience

Sales Director, 20+ years experience

Director of Nursing, Master’s degree, 20+ years experience

Financial Operations, 10+ years experience 

Director of Technology, 20+ years experience

Industrial Management, Master’s degree, 5 years experience

Director for non profit, USC Master’s degree, 20 years experience

Manufacturing Quality Engineer, Master’s degree, 6 years experience

Digital Marketing SEO, 4 years experience

Program Manager, 25 years experience

General Manager of e-commerce, 20 years experience

Manager, Pepperdine Master’s degree, 20 years experience

Senior Motion Graphic Designer, Master’s degree, 7 years experience



Plans and Pricing

Resume Writing Services

$50 Resume Edit: I will edit/critique your current resume.

$199 Resume Rewrite Budget Deal: Brand new crafted ATS-compliant resume, tailored to your targeted job(s).  I rewrite all sections that will go into the resume…  send it to you with my resume template… and you fill in/type up the resume…send it back to me and I will do the final audit.

$299 Resume Rewrite: Brand new crafted ATS-compliant resume, tailored to your targeted job(s).

$50 DIY: I will sell you my best resume template. Do-it-yourself.  

Learn more about my resume writing process that WOW’s the reader.


LinkedIn Profile Optimization

$100: LinkedIn optimization that levels you up professionally so that you stand out and can easily be searched and found by hiring managers. 

Learn more about my LinkedIn process that helps you get found.



$50/session:  Give you the confidence you need to succeed and master the psychological aspect of interviewing.  

$175/ 4 sessions:  Average time spent for most clients to become well versed is 4 sessions, but all depends on your current level and ability to learn.  Save $25.   

Includes a .pdf of interview questions and STAR format questions.


Career Coaching

$50/session:  Guided coaching to help you get unstuck and/or leveled up.

$1000:  25 sessions (bonus: 5 free sessions)

$5000:  3 months, unlimited conversations, strategic planning (mindset, habits, health, spirituality, etc.) and architecting on career development, as well as developing personal branding, LinkedIn optimization, etc.

BONUS:  career coaching clients receive free files (.pdf of Interview questions, STAR format questions, Resume DIY instructions, Linkedin optimization DIY file)

All payments secured via Paypal.

*Each session is 30 minutes

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You must have a unique value proposition.

Fully Responsive

Results must be quantified with strong verb tenses.

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