The purpose of optimizing a LI profile is to increase your chances of specific keywords being matched to hiring managers and recruiters who utilize advanced AI technology to seek out candidates with those specific keywords.  You want companies coming to you, right?  In addition, by adding in some personal branding flair, it elevates you beyond the average profile and makes you STAND OUT.

Header Image

Creation of a header image that elevates your branding and adds some flair beyond the average LI profile.  I focus on the three key skills and find images that reflect those skills with a more futuristic angle to them.


Evaluation of your current image.  Sometimes, I have clients take a new photo with a big friendly smile or encourage them to get a professional headshot taken, if their current photo is not up to standard.


Utilization of 5-7 searchable keywords/skills + a branding statement that reflects your unique value proposition if desired.

About Section

Here’s where I copy in the core pieces from the resume including the value proposition, key highlights, list of skills, as well as add a few paragraphs in that you will write in my template about yourself.  This might include some depth around who you are a human being, the why behind you doing what you do, your favorite quote, your family, etc.   This is where your personality should come through beyond just business/transactional.

Experience Section

Each job title will have flair added to it to help pull the reader into the section.  I will pull in each of your bullet points from the resume but add in a symbol that further adds flair to the section.  At the bottom of each section, I will stack 10-20 keywords that I have researched for your type of role that help attract companies who are seeking individuals with those specific skills/keywords.


We will add in a list of the classes you took and add it to the description sub-section.  You will need to provide this information in the template.


I will first need you to vet your current skills, removing any that are not necessary.  Next, I will add in skills from the resume that you haven’t already identified.  Then, I will take each skill, one by one, and map them to each job they were used at (see example below).  After this work is done, I encourage you to go ask every single person you know on LI to click and validate at least 5 key skills, but only after you have first done it for them.  Always give first, then take on LinkedIn.


If you do not already have five-seven strong testimonials, I will help you map out a specific strategy on exactly what to ask of colleagues, co-workers, bosses, etc. so that they are further validating your core expertise.  I believe there is a lot of power in having testimonials.