Gone are the days of Linkedin being perceived as just a “job-networking” platform.  It’s now dominated by a new generation of content creators who desire to “connect” at a much deeper level beyond the profile.  This is further evident by people meeting offline at Linkedinlocal (Local X) events in 500+ cities around the globe. 

I recently attended Orange County’s event at Workwell OC and it was quite amazing with $600 being raised for charity.  This event focused on “how to create work-life balance” with a panel consisting of Jay Jackson, Jessica Acosta, and Julie DeVito.  As a 4x TedX speaker, Ryan Foland kept the conversations flowing and invoked some humor along the way as he led the panel.

The real power in these events is taking online relationships offline as well as getting an opportunity to meet new people.  

Linkedinlocal OC hosts consisted of Lucy Beaudette and Germain Louie.  I’m looking forward to helping to host at some point or being a panel guest.