I’m grateful for the wonderful positive resume writing testimonials from recent clients.


Resume writing process:

  1. Understanding: It is imperative that I understand you, the individual, so I can best represent you in your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  2. Drilling: By using my career worksheet, we will narrow our focus and drill down to matching your job experience results with exactly the requirements of the jobs you are applying for.  This is an iterative process, and I will challenge you until we’ve got at least 20 strong bullet points to put on the resume; 3-5 of which will go in your career highlights section.
  3. Capitalizing: I focus on your 3 core expertise and ensure that it crystal clear and communicated thoroughly throughout the resume.  If a hiring manager has to ‘fish’ for what you are good at, they will give up after 10 seconds!
  4. Articulating: The key component of a modern resume is having a value proposition at the top of the page that pulls the reader in immediately and begs them wanting to know more about you.  My 1-2-3 combo of expertise + value proposition + career highlights is the hook that works every time!
  5. Polishing: I will make the resume shine bright like a diamond.  You have to have the WOW factor to stand out in today’s highly-competitive business market.

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