Are you tired of wasting your time in the black hole of resume death wondering why nobody is contacting you back for an interview?   My solution is creating an applicant tracking system (ATS) compliant resume.

Are you tired of wasting your money on self-help resume books and enduring all that frustration or worst, hiring a cheap resume writer that doesn’t lead to landing you an interview?  My solution is to build a value-propositioned resume that sells you in that 6-10 second window.

Whether you are a fresh college graduate looking to land your first entry-level position, or level up in your career with a new role, or make a career transition, either way I have a solution for you:  hire me!

Hi, I’m Geoff Koboldt;  a profit driven, 20 year Sales and Operations executive, lean six sigma black belt, and proud Pepperdine MBA who has interviewed over a thousand candidates for leadership positions throughout my career.

It is imperative that I first understand you the individual so I can best represent you in that resume.  We achieve this through an introductory call via Zoom where we identify who you are and where you want to go next.  We will also evaluate your current resume.

By using my career template, we will drill down and narrow the focus of your job experience, real-life results to the job qualifications required in the job description.  This ensure that we pass the applicant tracking system.

This is an iterative process and I will challenge you until we get at least 20 strong bullet points that we can put in the resume, and of course, the 3-5 of which will go at the very top, in the career highlights section of the resume.

If the hiring manager has to fish for what you are good at, they will give up after 10 seconds.  Therefore, I focus on your top 3 core expertise and ensure that it is crystal clear and communicated thoroughly throughout the resume.  I also ensure that you are tied to either top-line revenue generation or saving operating costs and affecting the bottom line.

My goal is to relentlessly articulate your value throughout the resume.  A modern resume requires a value proposition that pulls the reader in and begs them wanting to learn more.  My 1-2-3 combo of expertise, value proposition and career highlights is the hook that gets them every time.

I will make sure that your resume shines bright like a diamond; with strong verb tenses, results-driven, and white space against optimized content that focuses heavily on your most recent experiences.  The brutal harsh honest truth is that nobody cares what you did 10 years ago!

Last but not least, all the resumes are ran through an AI/machine learning system that scores on a mix of variables and ensures maximum success.

I thrive in galvanizing people up the corporate lattice and improving their livelihoods.  If you are ready to make your next career move, send me a direct message on LinkedIn and visit for more details. Thank you.