Speed and scale are the key requirements of thriving in an exponential world.  Check out this video of Friska Wirya and I talking about the role of technology on Change Management.

6 D’s of Exponentials – Digitilization (0’s and 1’s, but wait to you see Rose’s Law with quantum computing and quibits), Deception (crypto), Disruption (3D printing), Demonetization (photos), Dematerialization (wikipedia, itunes), Democratization (cell phones)

Constant and continuous E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N is required – both mental and physical.

Mental:  tapping into the conscious states of flow – amplifying productivity, learning, creativity, collaboration; need to be able to think at speed and scale; which are the 2 cognitive requirements for thriving in an exponential world.  Zero-to-dangerous training with Steven Kotler.

Physical:  leaders must diligently and continuously update update their understanding of what technology now exists, and what that technology makes possible, moment to moment.  Join Abundance 360 with Peter Diamandis.