Welcome to 2018!

While it’s that time of year to turn the clock, the reality is that we should not let New Year’s fool us once again into thinking that we’re going to make a monumental change and stick with it.  Been there, done that?  Yeah, me too!

Reality is… We should all be setting up a “Life Plan” and living according to that vision for ourselves.  We were put on this earth to achieve our greatest self.

So, will you be joining me in recalibrating and aligning to our highest self?


This past year, I’ve worked way too much (sitting in an office chair all day = BAD)… traveled a lot (sitting in an airport = BAD)… ate a lot of bad food (Piece of cheese cake – I’ll have one! = BAD)….. and wasn’t as active as I should have been.  Despite my high performance hacks, I just wasn’t living up to them.

I am starting off the year with a 8 week True Transformation program with my friend Josiah Novak. Fitness goals: Lose 10 lbs, build some muscle, increase flexibility

Most importantly, I look forward to making these diet/lifestyle changes so that I can live a long, healthy life.  My son needs his dad!


We booked a family trip to Costa Rica, and are super excited to “recharge” in the rainforest.  My last trip was to Hawaii, but it’s been a few years.  I need to get back to yearly travel, outside of USA.


We started January 1st, with 25 family members over for lunch.  What better way to start the New Year than with family?  

January 2nd, we spent the day riding bikes at Newport Beach, playing at the park and just enjoying the outdoors.

A greater time living in the NOW with my family is a high priority for me.


Along with fitness, is ensuring a solid mindset.  My goal is start eating more brain foods and doing memory programs, like my IG buddy Jim Kwik – “Kwik Memory“.


My goal is to get back to reading 1 book/week.  2017 was insanely busy and I just couldn’t keep up.  I’m currently re-reading “The Four Agreements“.


I will be speaking on global business in March at Pepperdine University, which will be live broadcast to other MBA’s around the world.  Stay tuned!  Go waves!

I’ve been invited to help out Michigan State University‘s career center by doing a 30 minute speaking engagement.  Stay tuned!  Go green!

I’ve been invited to a few podcasts.

I am currently working on helping a family member who just graduated with his engineering degree land a job by working his resume, linkedin and interview prep.

Via Evisors, I just finished helping a MBA who has an incredible business idea using Artificial Intelligence fine-tune his pitch.  To learn more:  https://www.evisors.com/profile/5041198

The list goes on….