I’m always grateful for the friends that come on out and join me for dinner whenever I’m in a different city across America.  Some are old friends from childhood and others are newer friends from Linkedin.  I truly value a good meal, a nice glass of wine and an intelligent, motivating conversation with good people.  I welcome all great introductions to meet inspirational people in all major cities, especially places I typically visit – Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, etc.

Pictured with Lila Smith of Say Things Better in Atlanta, GA.

Lila is a friend and a Linkedin rock star.  She is phenomenal at what she does as a communication expert and I would highly encourage using her services.  I hired her to come speak to my Architectural Technical Sales team, and they absolutely loved her!  In fact, my company Acuity Brands brought her back a few more times to speak to other departments.

Pictured with Karen Grosz in Billings, Montana

If you want to get inspired by infectious enthusiasm on Monday mornings, then you have to see Karen’s Monday videos. Her energy is off the charts and always puts a smile on my face.  I’ve known her for about a year now, as we were in a Linkedin pod together.  She has written a few books and I was fortunate to get a copy of What’s Next, to which I read on the plane back to California.  She’s inspired me to finish my book!  I can’t wait to add author to my headlines.

Pictured with John Ryll in Seattle, Washington

John and I have been best friends since childhood, having met in the 6th grade in Michigan.  We spent most of our youth together riding freestyle bmx bikes.  Naturally, he was in my wedding.  John is a great leader in manufacturing/production roles.

Pictured with Jason Klinedinst in Decatur, Georgia

Jason and I met over a year ago on LInkedin.  He had mentioned some key people I should know on the platform, which I’m still grateful for those introductions – ie. Tofe Evans.  If you are in need of some wealth management, connect with him.

Pictured with W. Kevin Ward of WKW Consulting Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Kevin is an awesome servant leader and I highly recommend his leadership coaching and consulting services.  He is a great listener and always gives me a solid piece of advice – every time I see him.  He and I have been friends for over a year, also belonging to a pod on Linkedin.

Pictured with Ryan Vos in Seattle, Washington

Ryan and I have known each other for nearly 28 years.  He owns a medical practice in Washington doing acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  We had some interesting food at Nue in Seattle including Thai water beetles.