The changes we have seen unfold in 2020 have been unexpected, far-reaching and complex. Therefore how we manage it must be different to the way we’ve done it in the past.  I worked with my Australian LinkedIn friend Friska Wirya, a change management consultant and coach, to come up with a carousel on the 7 principles for managing change in 2021.

Click to view the .pdf file –> 7 principles for managing change in 2021

About Friska Wirya

As a senior executive or department head have you ever thought:

“If only the team would stop being “so difficult,” can’t they see this solution will triple productivity?”

“How do we smooth the transition to remote working for over 250 offices and 49 countries?”

“The tech team bought the wrong system. No one is using it and it’s costing us money!”

That’s where I come in. I turn sceptical stakeholders into involved participants who want to co-create the change.


🌀 Can’t afford to have yet another change initiative relegated to the “corporate graveyard”

🌀 Have tried managing change themselves to save money, only to result in conflict and tension

🌀 Are sick of expensive “Big 4” experts who don’t get the culture and business constraints

I’ve run digital transformation for one of the largest ASX-listed miners, led programs for over 23,000 stakeholders and a $42m tech implementation for the world’s largest policing jurisdiction.

I understand how frustrating lack of adoption and buy-in is – especially when the change ultimately benefits the business and the people within it!


✅ A roadmap to drive adoption from all levels

✅ A framework to effectively story-tell your vision for change

✅ Practical strategies to influence and persuade the most challenging stakeholders


“Friska produces quality change materials at pace and takes stakeholders through change using practical, effective and innovative methods. I recommend her.” – M. Gallagher, IT Manager

“Friska is who you want leading your transformation, no matter what project you want to kick off, mindset to change, or culture to evolve. Never underestimate the criticality of a talented change leader.” – D Kollan, CEO

“Friska is a great communicator with a tenacious work ethic. She is an expert at developing relationships across the whole business.” – D May, Engineering Manager

Don’t settle with being crippled by change. Together we can turn change into your competitive advantage.

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