So proud of my friend Gutu for putting in the dedicated work so I could write him an impactful resume + LinkedIn optimization that landed him his new job as an Operations Manager, reporting to VP of Operations, at Acuity Brands, a $4B lighting technology company.

Gutu:  That being said when you hit me up on LInkedin, I was like this is a no brainer. Then the coolest thing was the template you sent. That resume template gave me a structured way at how I should approach my current resume.  I am at a position.  I think I am at a ceiling. I don’t know what the next position is but I do know I am better than where I am at. How do I make that happen? How do I display that in the resume world / the LinkedIn world?  That was the gap.  I had no idea. Your template broke it down step by step process that was very straightforward and difficult as you have to dig in deep. 

After using that template, we beefed up my LinkedIn resume and I started getting hits right and left. I started getting interviews but within a matter of a couple of weeks I got a different role within my company, a completely different role from where I was at in the design team to operations role, reporting to the VP of Operations.

What is special about my template?  

It forces clients to dig in deep to the value they create for an organization and teaches them how to ‘sell’ themselves in a very succinct way as they help write their own bullet points in their own authentic voice.  I give the instructions and the formula!  We iterate.  I polish it all up!  This investment of time pays massive dividends when interviewing because they were a part of this bullet point/resume writing process and now can draw from 20-30 bullet points they wrote.  This creates a new level of confidence when going into an interview because you now know yourself inside and out.